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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Yep, she's dumb...

So not only was the deaf girl walking down the train tracks, she was texting on her cell phone. Congratulations, Tara McAvoy, you've won The Wrongest Blog's 2006 nomination for the Darwin awards!

Oh, and check out the sweet banner ad juxtaposition...
What an idiot.
oh man... I came so close to posting something about this on Mad Kitten, but then I thought: no way. Wrongest Blog has this shit.

I think the news report went: "Ms. Deaf Austin hit by train. Word has it, she didn't hear it coming."

That is straight fucking Texas classic right there.

Another beer please!
Yes, my dear, though we've never met, you know me too well. Mrs. Wrong dropped everything to email me the story. Then I couldn't wait to get home and post it for all 3 of our readers to see.

- Mr Wrong.
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