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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  Shani Davis: Stuck-up little bitch, isn't she!
In an apparent attempt to remove any lingering doubt about what a little shit-stained twerp he is, Shani Davis had the following to say about "teammate" Chad Hendrick:

"I'll be honest in front of all you people since me and Chad we're fighting for the same thing. He wants to win; I want to win. It would have been nice - and I'm just throwing it out there - it would have been nice if after the 1000 meters he could have been a good teammate and shook my hand. Just like I hugged him after he won the 5000 meters."

We're not sure "teammate" is the appropriate word, Shani, you illiterate cock-smoker. You fucked over your team, remember? And given that round-mouthed look on your face most of the time, we're pretty sure you play for the other team, anyway.

Think Shani is a buddy-fucking faggot? Comment below...

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What a whore.

This is the part where the snot-faced, spoiled rotten, pop culture worshipping American competitors completely soil the olympics...again.

Why can't we just do drugs like all the other nice countries? Drugs do wonders for bad attitudes.
Well, "liberal" drugs in the mind-expanding category, do, anyway. Not sure about "conservative" drugs like coke and scotch.
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