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Monday, February 13, 2006
  Finally, the White House Hits Rock Bottom

In an apparent attempt to accelerate its own death spiral, the White House suggested today that it was 78-year-old Harry Whittington's fault that "Deferement Dick" Cheney practically blasted Whittington's face off while hunting quail last weekend.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said hunting "protocol was not followed by Mr. Whittington when it came to notifying others that he was there. And so, you know, unfortunately, these types of hunting accidents happen from time to time."

I'm sorry, but I actually took hunter safety class. And like any other responsible hunter, I'm not buying a word of it. It is ALWAYS the guy holding the gun's responsibility to know what's in the line of fire before pulling the trigger. McClellan's argument holds water only when deer hunting, and then only if the victim is dressed in an antlered deer suit and ass-fucking the living shit out of an injured, rutting doe. (In Texas and other states with a high concentration of Evangelical Sickos, this does happen from time to time.) Mr. Wrong concurs: If you are stumping an animal that's in-season, it is indeed your responsibility to notify others that you are there.

But there's a whole lot more to this story. We learned today that Dick didn't even have a proper license -- hardly surprising given this administration's obvious belief that laws don't apply to them.

And on top of that, the White House didn't bother to tell anyone it happened until after some podunk paper in Corpus Christi broke the story, and even then wouldn't confirm it until 22 hours after it happened.

And even more appalling, at least to NRA types like me, these tools were driving around in a pickup truck to scare up birds, then jumping out and blasting away whenever they flushed a covey. Where I come from, that's not just cheating, it's called "pussy-hunting. "

But at least there's some silver lining to this dark cloud:

- The bible thumpers and rednecks who put this administration in office may finally wake up and realize that this administration is wrong. Sure, Bush supporters are dumb, but most of 'em know a thing or two about hunting.

- A few more gloves came off today in the Washington Press Corps. After six years of sucking Bush's cock, they're finally starting to call it like they see it.

- At least Cheney shot a Republican lawyer from Texas. It's a start.

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