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Monday, January 23, 2006
  Terry Schiavo's ex ties the knot!
We at The Wrongest Blog are dismayed by the news coverage concerning Michael Schiavo's wedding.

First the poor sod had to deal with his wife turning into a vegetable. Then he had to deal with her insane parents, who wanted to prolong her life as a vegetable as long as possible. Then he had to deal with every right-wing nut job in the country calling him out like he was some kind of evil beast for wanting Ms. Schiavo to be able to shed her shattered mortal coil. Finally, he had to deal with the loss of someone he obviously loved.

And now this -- his wedding is all over CNN and the front page of your hometown newspaper.

The media are gay. How else does one explain such navel-gazing.

Anyway, all this Schiavo in the news gives we at The Wrongest Blog the perfect opportunity to showcase this little gem. Not sure where this came from, all we know is it's freaking brilliant. And so, so wrong.

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Oh man, that Terry Shiavo collage is so so sick. I have much respect for the wrongness displayed in this post.
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