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Monday, January 30, 2006
  Lez Zeppelin: Wrong or Not? You decide!
Mrs. Wrong: I'm all for chicks rocking out, but how dare you blaspheme the masters? It's just ... wrong.

Mr. Wrong: I'm OK with the name, but if they're going to use it, I expect to see carpet munching on stage, every show.

The "Maybe we're lesbians, maybe we're not" line they're using is totally gay. No self-respecting muncha would ever let herself come off as gay, so I suspect they're actually a bunch of straight chicks who know the best way to get past their ugliness and still get a lot of dick is to tell guys they're dikes.

The name probably does help them sell tickets (not to mention a lot of Lez Zeppelin-branded boy briefs) to actual lipstick lesbos. But it doesn't fly here at Wrong Central, where Led Zeppelin will always be associated with sportfucking. We say forget Lez Zeppelin. The Wrongest Blog recommends Pinky Tuscadero's Whiteknuckle Assfuck. Or better yet, this...

In case you missed the "Chicks with Picks" spread in Spin last year, here's the CNN article. (The author clearly has about as much imagination as your average dog turd, but the headline ain't bad.)

What do you think about Lez Zeppelin? Leave your comments below...

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I'll take the Reese's cups approach: When two great things come together ... Mostly, I'm just glad you're off the lard porn.
Lard porn!?!?!?

What, you don't like fatties?

Doncha know they try harder?
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